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Barmon - Neighbourhood pub in Armon Hanatziv cooperative Ltd. 

Address: Olei HaGardom 13, Jerusalem

Telephones: Shlomi Lev-Haim 054-5498700,  Asaf Shahar 058-4281180

Call, text or WhatsApp us



What we did to be accessible to people with disabilities

As a social-community-neghbourhood pub, we want to be accessible for everyone. This is a challenge, as the pub is in a bus and located in an unusual place. During planning and fixing up the pub, we did our best to make the pub physically accessible for everyone.

You can ask the staff for help at anytime during working hours, or contact us in advance.


Disabled access to the pub

  • The pub runs with the cooperation of the Talpaz / Shaltiel community centre and is located next to the community centre building on the “balcony” level, close to the “Princes kindergarten”.

  • During working hours, disabled access is possible through the community centre building - call us in advance and we’ll come and meet you.


Disabled access to the community centre building

  • Disabled parking space outside the building

  • Disabled access to the building

  • A stair lift to the firstfloor - call us in advance and we’ll come to meet you

  • An accessible lift to the 2nd floor balcony level

  • From the lift, head out through the corridor on your left to the balcony level.


Disabled access to the pub


  • A ramp to the deck (150 cm wide by 170 cm long with a 7.1% angle)

  • A small ramp from the deck to the bus to cover the 2 to 3 centimetres difference

  • There are 2 entrances to the pub:

    • the middle entrance is accessible

    • open throughout working hours

    • clearly marked with a wheelchair entrance sign


More ways to get to the pub

  • There are stairs and a ramp to the North-West from street level to the pub, however, the ramp does not meet accessibility standards

  • You can also come through the park


Other accessibility measures we’ve taken


We have a wheelchair accessible table and you can ask for chairs that meet accessibility standards



You can ask for a menu printed in Arial font 14



The bar is about 90 cm in height and therefore does not meet accessibility standards, however, you can ask the staff for help at anytime and we will serve you at your table



Throughout working hours you can use the community centre toilets


There are:

  • 1 men’s toilet

  • 1 women’s toilet

  • 2 disabled toilets on the ground floor

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